I’m Back – Fail at Something

I’m starting the blog again. I missed you. It’s been a while, but I’ve maintained a few blogs since I left. I shut the blog down because of pressure from human resources at my corporate job. Now, I don’t work for a company, so no more HR pressure. 

When I first started Fail At Something, I was in my mid-20s, and was out trying to get laid. I spent my daytime reading about women and psychology, and my evenings going out, meeting women, going on dates, trying to have sex, having sex, and writing about it. I overcame my insecurities and felt I had some understanding about the sexes, and I shared that on this blog. 

My first blog post was called, “Girls are emotional balls of energy.” Here’s a quote: 

Where men think about relationships as a series of steps and analyze situations, women do not do this. They are more like loving balls bouncing around through life. They rely on the sexual energy of their partners rather than the decision making and resources a man provides. That is why women are quick to gain and lose trust in a relationship – they live in the moment and their emotions dictate what is right and wrong. And a woman’s trust is everything in the relationship. If she cannot trust your masculine energy and trust you at your core, you have lost her.

Whether objectively right or not, this energy is strong enough to dictate a woman’s feelings towards her man. This is where men get lost. Man will not win his woman’s trust by explaining to the chick why she is being irrational or why the man was factually correct. When it counted, the man failed to emote correctly and be strong at his core, and he lost the confidence of his woman. To regain trust is an uphill if not impossible battle that requires rock-strong masculine energy.

I wasn’t wrong. Women are kind of like that. But I could have been more right. Charlie Munger says many people have man with a hammer syndrome. They only have one tool, and then every problem starts to look like a nail. I had one tool. I had a good understanding of attraction. I knew that a lot of what drives behavior was animalistic and predictable, and this can be manipulated for sales in an advertisement or an orgasm with a hottie.

Now, in my early 30s, I have more mental tools to draw from, and I am more right. I understand morality, history, biology, and economics – properties of the more advanced, human parts of the brain. These perspectives give new context to understandings of relationships, women, and other important subjects that I didn’t. Importantly, we’re better than animals, and it’s from these less primal parts of us that we can be our best selves. 

I like reading my old writing. I want to cringe when I read it, often. The writing is often adolescent and the arguments aren’t as academic as I prefer, but there’s a lot of energy in it. I wanted to know the truth, and it’s honest. 

I don’t know what I’m going to write about. But I’ll write something. It won’t be for the pickup artists and struggling romantics. Maybe it will. I always liked working with them. Those pickup guys have the courage to do something, and courage to act is a rare quality. Not the greatest quality, but it’s a start to all other virtuous qualities. They would make good teachers and ministers of happiness. 

Maybe that’s what I am: a teacher of happiness, a minister of the word of God.